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Flexible – ThinkWare’s flexible and powerful payroll module allows PEO/ASOs the ability to grow their businesses by meeting the unique needs of each client.  Supporting payrolls for very large to very small companies, ThinkWare will allow you to attract any size client with ease.


Efficient – Get payroll done efficiently and accurately by relying on our flexible design to handle even the most complex payroll needs.


Grow without Growing Pains – ThinkWare’s technology and design is able to allow you to scale your business without adding all the incremental costs typically required.



Customize to Meet Their Needs – Not only bill the way you like, but the way your client will like.  Present the information to your client in a number of format and detail options.  Know that you will have the ability to grow your business in a way that provides your client the necessary billing information while providing the highest margin for you.


Adapt for Changes – as your client’s needs change, so can your billing.  ThinkWare is designed to allow you to make quick changes to your billing setup without changing your billing methods.


Detailed Information – or not – Some clients like detail, others don’t care, while others need it in many different formats.  Our reporting options allow you to provide your clients with the necessary data they need.

Tax Reporting & Payments


Accurate – all payroll taxes (federal, state, local) are calculated accurately.  Additionally, we determine proper local tax jurisdictions based on the employee home and work addresses.


Complete – Federal, State, and Local withholding taxes as well as State and Federal Unemployment taxes are provided.  Tax payments are integrated into the Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules.

Financial Management


Lower Costs with True Integration – ThinkWare is built upon an industry leading integrated financial management package (Microsoft Dynamics GP).  This reduces costs for manual entries to a 3rd party General Ledger package and eliminates any costs for additional software.


Know Your Business – Now – All information processed through the system is posted to the General Ledger and all subsidiary modules.  There is no month end or other posting routines that need to happen.  Your critical information is available, and current.


One System – with ThinkWare, we are the only system you need.  We integrate Payroll, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Cash Management, Bank Reconciliation, and more.

Human Resources


Empower Your Clients – with our online HR tools, you can empower your client to take control of their human resource needs, or let you do it.


Give Them Big Company Services – by using our online tools in conjunction with your service team, your clients have access to HR services only afforded by some of the largest companies. 


Library – our online document library lets your clients and employees create their own library of information accessible at any time.  Employees can upload documents and forms that can be kept in history as long as needed.

Risk Management


Stay in Compliance – track your important claim information and ensure proper billing and cost rates.


Manage Your Potential – plans can be defined to allow you to aggregate your risk across your clients leading to a profit center that could be significant.

On Boarding


Customize for Each Client’s Needs – you can customize your client’s on boarding experience to meet their hiring needs as well as provide multiple workflows for different employee types.  The on boarding experience can be branded for your client providing a personalized experience for the employees.


Custom Document Management – our custom document mapping feature lets your clients use their own forms and documents as part of the on boarding and hiring process.  When these forms are completed – and electronically signed – they stay in history as long as you or your clients’ need.


Intuitive – with a focus on the user experience, your employees will find it easy and quick to get on boarded with your client.

Applicant Tracking


Create and Post Jobs – your client can create jobs with just a few clicks and post them on all the popular job sites.


Hire the Right People – by posting on popular job boards, as well as a proprietary database of job seekers, you will reach more candidates.  You can choose to receive profiles of candidates that only match your background and specifications.


Manage the Hiring Process – review candidates via video or online conferencing, review voice interviews, schedule in person interviews, have candidates answer certain online questions, and manage this entire process to find the right people.  Once hired, they can be on boarded automatically.

Benefit Enrollment

Easy and Quick Enrollment – our intuitive user experience quickly walks employees through their benefit enrollment process and allows them to compare different plans and select those that best meet their life needs.


Flexible Benefit Plans and Easy Setup Options – Offer your clients Fortune 500 benefit plans or administer their plans in an easy to use, yet flexible benefit administration module. 


Let Your Client Pick – with our flexible contribution setup features, your client can contribute in any manner to their employees’ benefits while the system automatically processes them through payroll.

Time and Attendance

Make Time Entry Easy – Simplify time tracking for your clients so they spend less time on payroll tasks. 


Everywhere Access – Web interface, mobile apps, and on premise time clocks allow employees to log their time wherever they are.


Plug and Play Time Clocks – Time clocks are delivered ready-to-use with little or no setup required.

ACA Compliance


Client Tools – provide your clients with reporting and analysis tools online so they can monitor their ACA information and be proactive in managing their needs.


Affordability Test – provide your clients with information about plan affordability with their employees so they can stay in compliance.


Large Employer Analysis – analyze your clients and control groups to determine what clients will fall under the rules of ACA for large employer groups.

Workflows and Business Intelligence


Increase Operating Efficiencies - If you can write down your business process on paper, you can automate it.  Your workflows can be initiated by an event, a change in data, at a certain time, or manually.  You can easily customize the workflows for your business, and they can be updated at any time as your business needs change.


Stay Informed and Keep Them Informed – Our workflow engine can keep both your staff and your clients (and employees) informed, automatically, based on workflow rules.  Workflows can be automated and constantly running so nothing gets overlooked.


Get Rid of Sticky Notes – Do away with sticky notes and hundreds of reminder emails.  Automate with our workflow engine and manage your work.  For example, instead of having a meeting or a string of emails for a process you have in place for an employee termination, create a workflow to let payroll, benefits, HR, tax and even your client know of the necessary steps that need to occur – and all you did was click a button to change the employee status.


Client and Account Management – track all correspondence and activity with your clients automatically with our integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Integrated with Outlook, all emails and other communication are automatically stored with your client and can be used for informational and planning needs.


Get More Sales – CRM has an integrated sales management module so you can manage your sales efforts for both direct and indirect sales efforts.


Customized For You – with CRM’s highly customizable nature, you can create a system designed for your specific needs.  You can create custom fields, tables, and screens to capture and manage the data you need to run your business.

Self Service


Manager – your client managers have access to their information via a highly intuitive online portal.  Users can enter payroll time, create ad hoc reports, preview and approve payroll and invoices, get invoice and check history, access employee records, communicate with employees, create on boarding profiles, etc.  Our single sign on allows managers that may have multiple business entities within a PEO umbrella to use one login.


Employee – employees can access pay information, request PTO, enroll in benefits, communicate with other employees, and access/change their personal information.  They can also access corporate documents for review and upload personal documents as well.


Big Credits – Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) allow your client to receive between $2,400 and $9,600 for hiring eligible employees


Easy and Quick – Employees complete a simple questionnaire to determine eligibility for WOTC.  All of the necessary filing and reporting is handled for you and your client.


Integrated – WOTC is integrated wherever you would enter a new employee – back office payroll, online on boarding, and applicant tracking to ensure all employees are being evaluated.

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Professional Services - ThinkWare’s consultants have years of experience not only with our software but also in the PEO/ASO industry.  Many of them have worked at PEO/ASO companies so they truly understand the unique needs you face.  We can customize a consulting program for you so you can get the most out of the software.  Consulting engagements can be focused or on-going and can be created to assist with operations, financial reporting, setup, technical integrations, etc.


Software Implementation - Core to the success of a new system conversion is the implementation project and the proper management of that project.  We have converted hundreds of clients from competitive systems by taking the approach that the implementation project is a team effort between ThinkWare and our client.  We help manage the project the entire way and use our experience to assist in making sure the project is successful.


Training - ThinkWare provides a number of training options for our clients to keep up to date on the software changes as well as helping train your new employees.  We understand that in order to get your ROI on the software your staff must be properly trained on how to use it.  We provide onsite training, online sessions and webinars, and training classes held at our corporate offices.


Customer Support – we are here to help.  We understand that if you aren’t getting the most out of the software, you won’t be able to properly serve your clients and reach production efficiencies.  Our support teams help with software usage questions and other software related concerns.


Why ThinkWare

Product Design - Our philosophy on product design is based on 3 principles: (1) be the technology leader; (2) create software focused on the end user; and (3) integrate the systems together.

  1. Technology Leader – our products have always been on the leading edge of technology.  We were the first PEO software written for Windows, the first to offer a web portal for managers and employees, and the first to provide a solution with an integrated ERP financial management system.  We are a Microsoft development partner utilizing .Net and Microsoft SQL Server.

  2. Focused on the End User – our designs focus on the end user experience.  If the products are not intuitive or too difficult to use, they won’t be used.  We spend considerable time and effort on designing, reviewing, reworking, and re-design our software so end users have a great experience.

  3. Integration – we believe that products must be designed to work together, not just interact with each other.  ThinkWare is the only PEO software provider offering an integrated back office solution including payroll, billing, and financial management.


Proven Record – we work closely with your team from the initial software implementation through your daily use of the system.  We have experts for all areas including software implementation and project management, custom product development, consulting, and all levels of support.  We also assist clients with sales demos to help close business.


Customer Focused

  1. Help you Grow – By listening to our clients, we are able to provide software solutions that help them gain more business.  We view our clients as partners and we are vested in their success.

  2. Help you Save – by having responsive and helpful customer support, you can minimize your costs and use the software to its full potential.  This makes your more efficient, more knowledgeable, more self-sufficient – and more able to control and reduce your costs.

About ThinkWare

Founded in 1994, ThinkWare has been a leading provider of integrated software solutions for the PEO and ASO industries.  ThinkWare has consistently been the technology leader in the PEO/ASO software space and continues that trend today.  Our products are designed with the end user in mind while using the latest development tools available.


Due to the unique challenges faced by PEOs, and the vast array of competition they face, our product development approach is reflected by this.  Rather than base our product development on our competition, we take the approach that we are competing with our clients’ competition.  We have to develop and provide software solutions allowing our clients to compete at a high level against a number of well-funded and established software providers.


Pricing Options

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, ThinkWare provides different pricing models to meet pricing needs of PEOs of all sizes.  We provide SAAS models, license models, and lease options to create a pricing structure that works.  Contact ThinkWare for information.

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